CA Foundation - Business Economics and Business & Commercial Knowledge

A CA student must have an astute understanding of the economy around him as this is the labyrinth realm in which he has to work, post completion of his arduous albeit esteemed professional course and therefore Business Economics and Business & Commercial Knowledge is a wide-ranging subject, studying which a naive CA Foundation student builds the acumen and the awareness to comprehend the economic business world around him.

Course Content

Business Economics

1. Introduction to Business Economics

As the name suggests, herein a student would familiarize himself with the eclectic economic world wherein he would learn the true Meaning, Nature and Scope of Business Economics accompanied with Basic Problems of an Economy wherein a student would then study about the Capitalist, Socialist and the Mixed Economy.

2. Theory of Demand and Supply

In this chapter, a student dive into the eclectic world of Demand and Supply and would study topics such as Law of Demand and Supply, Expansion and Contraction of Demand and Supply, Shift in Demand and Supply Curve that indicates increase/ decrease of Demand and Supply respectively. Also a student would learn about the concept of Elasticity, Nature of Human Wants, Marginal Utility and Indifference Curve Analysis.

3. Theory of Production and Cost

Significance of Production and Cost, Factors of Production, Production Function, Production Optimisation, Concept of Cost, Cost Function, Short Run Total Costs, Long Run Average Cost Curve and lastly Economies and Diseconomies of Scale are topics covered in this chapter.

4. Price Determination in Different Markets

Herein a student would study about the Meaning and Various Kinds of Markets, its Market Structure, Fundamentals of Total Revenue, Marginal Revenue and Average Revenue, Determination of Prices in case of Changes in Demand and Supply, Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition and about Oligopoly.

5. Business Cycles

As the title elucidates, here a student would learn about the Phases, Features, Causes and Relevance of Business Cycles. .

Business & Commercial Knowledge

1. Introduction to Business

In this chapter, a student would unfurl the eclectic world of Business and Commercial Knowledge (BCK), he would learn to distinguish between Economic and Non-Economic Activities and would also learn about the several different forms of Business Organisations such as Sole Proprietorship, HUF, Company, LLP etc.

2. Business Environment

As the name limns, herein a student would get a grasp over the Characteristic Features of Business Environment ie at Micro and Macro level with Micro level being Customers/Consumers, Organisation, Suppliers, Competitors etc and there's Technological, Economic, Political, Global Environment at the Macro level.

3. Business Organizationst

This chapter gives a lucid insight into some selected Indian and Global Level Companies.

4. Government Policies for Business Growth

Herein a student would study about the wide-ranging policies such as Liberalisation, Privatization and Globalization along with the drastic changes in Government Policies with regards to business, post India's Independence.

5. Organizations Facilitating Business

As the name elucidates, in this chapter, a student would learn the Significance of Business Facilitation, he would study about Government as a Business Facilitator and also Non-Funding Institutions such as RBI, CCI, SEBI etc. for the purpose of facilitating business in India along with the presence of Funding Institutions etc.

5. Common Business Technologies

In this chapter, a student would familiarize himself with the multifaceted world of Business and Commercial Knowledge. A student would learn innumerable terms that are used in the domains of Finance, Marketing, Banking, Stock and Commodity Markets etc.