CA Final - SFM

Strategic Financial Management is a practical, Paper2 of Group1 of the CA Final Course. As the subject title limns, Strategic Financial Management alludes to both financial facets along with the implications that follow for formulating various business strategies. It is a detailed approach that ensures long-term well being of a business firm, thereby guaranteeing paramount growth and sustenance in the highly competitive market.
Strategic Financial Management is a detailed study of finance per se, that a skilled CA undertakes as he endeavours to fulfill the long term strategic goals of his organization. A CA who is indisputably a master in this domain, helps his enterprise by ensuring amplified profits along with an assured and acceptable return on investment (ROI). A CA works upon the financial business plans of his organization, such as production/sales/ marketing plan etc. in which he sets up diligent financial controls and does careful decision making. The supreme goal of Financial Management is to magnify shareholders wealth and to attain this objective, a company requires a long term, detailed course of action per se, and this is where a CA comes to the rescue of such organizations as he is supremely learned and adroit in this field.

A meticulous understanding, thorough controlling and allocating a company's assets and liabilities along with keeping a check on operational items like revenue earned and expenditure incurred, accounts receivable and payable, cash flow and profitability are something that a CA is very well versed with and he does so, as he is an expert professional in SFM.
A CA effectively applies all his highly intricate financial techniques to strategic decisions for achieving the long term envisioned goals of an enterprise.
He therefore assists his organization in making sound business decisions with regards to their prospective and existing investments. A CA further scrutinizes all the financing decisions and he aids in dividend settlement, capital budgeting, valuation of the firm and in market expansion planning, amongst the several other duties that a skilled CA successfully executes.
This subject of Strategic Financial Management is hence supremely crucial and an integral part of the CA Final Course and it is hence covered in quite a detailed and comprehensive manner, for the CA Final students.
At IGP, CA Ashish Kalra Sir personally teaches this subject of SFM to all his CA Final students, both via Face to Face Classes and Virtual Classes (Pen drive/ Google drive/ Mobile App).
Ashish Sir has an extremely unique and peculiar teaching methodology wherein he brings into use fictitious animated figurines, around which he develops a bizarre storyline and Sir then expects his students to dig out the underlying concepts. Therefore all the students of Ashish Sir are pulled on the edge of their seats, and Sir is not only able to obtain the attention of innumerable students but he also successfully plants all the convoluted concepts in the minds of all the budding CA Final aspirants.
Also our results speak for itself as countless students who have studied under the guidance of Ashish Sir, have time and again received an admirable 90+ or else an exemption in this practical and very scoring subject of SFM, that helps CA Final students clear the entire group at once.
Ashish Sir is a fireball to witness in his CA Final Classes wherein he not only focuses on each and every student individually, but he also makes sure that his classes are extremely interactive and studying with him is an exciting, one of its kind experience to be relished for the CA students, who are otherwise overburdened with their laborious and fatiguing studies.
Also the study material provided by IGP is enough for a student to nail his CA Final Exams, albeit Ashish Sir still makes sure to cover all the questions from the Revision Test Papers and Mock Test Papers that are issued by the ICAI.
Regularly attending all the classes with Ashish Sir is somewhat sufficient for a student to clear his exam, as Ashish Sir covers each and every topic and concept in an utmost thorough manner but Sir also insists his students in carrying a self-made revisionary and handy pocket book, elucidating all the labyrinth concepts, that a student can carry along and can review it anywhere, anytime, at his own leisure and lastly, it is pertinent to mention that the myriads of students who have bloomed under the nurturing wing of Ashish Sir have witnessed a positive result, in both their academic as well as their personal life.