CA Final - SCM & PE

Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation is Paper5 of the CA Final Course and it's quite a mind-boggling subject per se, to be dealt with.
Strategic Cost Management is commonly known as SCM and it is an eclectic cost management technique that endeavours to diminish the total costs whilst ameliorating the overall financial health of a business enterprise. It is an intricate procedure, that a CA is quite well versed with, wherein he successfully amalgamates costs forecasting with the decision-making process in his organization, in order to help the management make superior, sound judgments. By studying SCM, a qualified CA is able to gauge and manage all the costs that he then tries to cut down, thereby aligning the curtailed costs with the business strategies of an enterprise. In today's highly competitive and dynamic business world, strategic financial management is extremely crucial and of paramount importance. A qualified CA indisputably holds mastery over this subject and he therefore furnishes a better understanding of the detailed cost structure wherein a CA uses the expansive cost information for governing the strategic management process such as in domains like construction, communication, administration and control in a business enterprise and this greatly helps in ameliorating the overall financial position of a company.
A CA does so by establishing a comprehensive and an exhaustive budget wherein he takes into account all the innumerable costs of operations, processes and products etc. and he then measures the resulting variance along with the profit generated.

Under strategic cost management, an adroit and adept CA professional links all the three multidisciplinary domains of strategic management, cost management and financial management and he helps his organization in attaining a strong market position, albeit in utmost cost effective manner. It is appurtenant to mention that a CA can also be the next CEO of his company, in case he is well versed and experienced in the field of management of both financial resources, that is also coupled with cost management.
CA Ashish Kalra at IGP Institute started teaching this perplexing and tricky subject as he was being persistently compelled to do so, by his loving students who were keen to study from Ashish Sir, and for this reason, Sir especially undertook some short courses from the highly renowned and prestigious IIM Ahmedabad, prior to the commencement of this course at IGP, so as to ensure that he delivers the most sublime and fine guidance to his students, even in this highly baffling subject.
Also Ashish Sir has the most uber cool and highly appreciative teaching methodology wherein he makes sure to primarily catch the eye of all his students, and Sir does so by using unconventional and quirky animated characters, that arouse the curiosity of all his students.
Ashish Sir constructs a labyrinth fable around these animated characters, that hence helps him light a fire in the naive minds of his CA students, who are then pushed to find the central, elementary concept that Sir meticulously conceals in his narratives and these narratives stay forever in the minds of his students, who are able to practically link the concept with the fable, not only in their academic life but also in their professional life.
Ashish Sir therefore makes all his CA Classes extremely interactive wherein he ensures active participation of myriads of students and he urges them all to put forth their doubts, that he addresses time and again, besides he also covers all the minuscule concepts in an extreme comprehensive manner.
It is also pertinent to mention that after timely completion of the syllabus, Ashish Sir holds multiple revision sessions for each of the chapter and he then covers the questions from the Revision Test Papers and Mock Test Papers by the ICAI, albeit the study material that is provided by IGP to all its students, is designed in such a detailed manner, studying which a student can easily nail the exam and he need not to refer to any other course material.
At IGP, our students have repeatedly broken all prior records and we have successfully set a benchmark in attaining professional excellence. We at IGP, assisted our students in clearing the arduous CA exams, in which our students have received the most sublime marks along with clear exemptions, that further helps a student nail the entire wide-ranging CA Group at once.
Ashish Sir undoubtedly makes all his CA classes a rather fun and joyous experience for all his students to relish, and by right guidance, he fosters supreme excelling capability in each of his students, most of whom have now attained great professional heights.