CA Intermediate - FM and Eco

Paper 8 of CA Intermediate is Financial Management and Economics for Finance wherein topics such as Financial Analysis via Ratios, Financing Decisions, Working Capital Management, National Income, Public Finance and International Trade etc. are delineated scrupulously.
Financial Management is the multidisciplinary domain that endeavours to curtail all the costs of finance whilst guaranteeing adequate availability of funds. It revolves around planning, organizing, administering and controlling the financial activities of an organization. Through financial management, an organization is able to raise financial resources that are of paramount importance for achieving the desired organizational goals. This multifarious, broad-ranging subject acquaints a CA with the financial health of his organization wherein the complete onus lies on an adroit and well learned CA for managing the financial resources of his enterprise.
A qualified CA professional is adept and proficient to work as a Finance Manager wherein he would have to furnish financial reports, evolve plans, strategies and investment activities for accomplishing the envisaged organizational objectives.

Such CA's can explore several sectors including banking and insurance companies wherein they can help prepare financial reports and statements and can thereby assist in financial forecasting. These CA's meticulously review and scrutinize the financial reports of their enterprise and they hence endeavour to diminish all overwhelming costs, in case any. Also since Economics for Finance is elucidated in minuscule detail at the Intermediate level, these CA professionals therefore have a strong grasp over market trends that they diligently analyse with the aim of ballooning all profits and hence ameliorating the financial standing of their enterprise.

A chartered accountant who works as a financial manager, is also responsible for investing the funds of a firm in securities and projects that would render high yield. The supreme objective of a financial manager is to amplify the value of an organization for all the stockholders and to obtain capital for funding the assets of an enterprise. Herein, as a financial manager, a CA would work in close association with the top management of an organization and also such a CA would furnish his advisory to clients with regards to suitable business planning and sound financial decision-making.

Financial managers are an integral part of innumerable organizations operating in different arenas such as IT giants, industrial businesses, companies working in insurance domain, financial entities, large scale manufacturers and government bodies etc. but in order to become a financial manager, one must clear the mind-boggling and perplexing Paper8 of CA Intermediate ie Financial Management and Economics for Finance and at IGP, our expert faculty would help you do so.

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